Beyond Health

Our customers believe in a holistic approach, as does Emerson. From our involvement in numerous aspects of the health and nutritional supplement industries, to environmental responsibility and educating the next generation, Emerson Ecologics’ commitment grows beyond health.

Social Responsibility

Emerson Ecologics believes that everyone deserves wellness: men, women, seniors, kids, pets, the community and the earth. To help foster a community in healthcare, Emerson has turned over a new leaf. We continue to support the industry as we have done, but have expanded our efforts. 
To start, Emerson Ecologics has partnered with Vitamin Angels to support their efforts in reducing child malnutrition and mortality, domestically and around the world. A non-profit charitable organization, Vitamin Angels connects essential nutrients, especially vitamin A, to at-risk populations of infants, mothers and children under five. In 2011, Emerson participated in Vitamin Angels’ 100 Days of Giving Campaign, donating over $30,000 with the help of our customers and employees; and we proudly continue our support of this incredibly effective and important organization.
For 2012, Emerson, with the help of some of our suppliers, has contributed to
Action for Healthy Kids to advocate nutrition and wellness in schools. Action for Healthy Kids works with diverse organizations, educators, health professionals and volunteers to address the epidemic of overweight, sedentary and undernourished youth by fostering sound nutrition and good physical activity. We believe in their vision to help all children develop the lifelong habits to promote health and learning…after all, it is the very foundation of what will give future generations health at all ages
And because health and the environment are inextricably intertwined, we continue to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations, using recycled materials wherever possible, as well as identify areas of improvement for the future. A concerted effort is made to reduce the impact of our mailings by using an FSC Certified Printer, FSC mixed source recycled-content paper, and vegetable-based inks. Emerson also donated to the Environmental Defense Fund to offset the environmental impact of printing our professional catalog.