The Emerson Quality ProgramTM

Emerson Ecologics recognizes that quality manufacturing practices are essential to the integrity and efficacy of professionally-oriented natural products. The Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP) is designed to distribute information about the quality manufacturing practices of our EQP Silver and EQP Gold brands. All distributed brands must undergo a rigorous assessment to assure, to our satisfaction, that they follow federal cGMP regulations. Additionally, brands can voluntarily apply to be assessed for EQP Silver or EQP Gold Partner status.

Participating brands must complete a quality application that details their current manufacturing processes, including cGMP processes, raw material testing and final product testing. These applications are reviewed and summarized by the Emerson Quality department.

The next phase of the EQP is a verification phase. Emerson Quality conducts a document audit by requiring the brand to provide all requested manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as lot specific manufacturing records and analytical documentation.

The documentation audit is followed by verification product testing where certain potency or contamination tests for selected products are conducted by an Emerson Ecologics-qualified independent laboratory. These test results must be consistent with the product specifications and standards of the EQP.

An on-site audit is then completed by Emerson Quality. This on-site day-long audit includes additional documentation review and concludes with an audit report. The manufacturer must correct any audit report findings as indicated in the report. . The quality practices of every EQP Silver or EQP Gold Partner is reevaluated biennially by a document audit, on-site audit and/or analytical testing.

By clicking on the EQP Partner seal of any brand, logged in practitioners and patients will be able to view a more detailed quality overview chart. This chart will document each brand’s quality practices in three areas:

• Manufacturing processes

• Raw material qualification and testing

• Finished product verification and testing

The EQP Gold or EQP Silver designation of each participating brand will occur throughout the website and will link back to their information in the EQP summary chart.

EQP Silver and Gold Partners

An EQP Silver or EQP Gold partner has undergone verification of their quality practices via application, document audit, analytical testing, and onsite facility audit. Brands are designated as an EQP Silver Partner, or EQP Gold Partner depending upon the nature of their quality practices (see EQP Partner standards). The EQP was initially launched in May 2010.

Each EQP Silver or EQP Gold partner will undergo re-assessment by Emerson Ecologics every two years. The EQP should support practitioners’ ability to discern quality brands and products and in so doing, address one of the most significant barriers to dietary supplement utilization.

The standards for achieving the EQP Silver or EQP Gold Partner designation ensure quality practices consistent with the production of high quality, safe and reliable dietary supplements. Keeping pace with advances in the industry, the requirements of the EQP Silver or EQP Gold Partner standards increase over time.